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Concrete batching plant

Producing line with annually output of 4000000 party commodity concrete------Heibei Double star

Usually in the village and town markets we can see the commodity concrete producing line with an annual output of 4000000 party Hebei double star machinery manufacturing co., LTD,the most professional producer of large concrete batching plant in China,has recently equipped has recently equipped the village and town market users with full set of commodity concrete producing line.First needed to be considered for the commodity concrete construction project are: commodity concrete batching plant,stock,manufacturing shop,repair work shop, office building,employee dormitory,and also the auxiliary housing,factory Road,raw material storage ,concrete mixer,sand separator,drain trap and fire-prevention systems as the basic supporting facilities.The following plants are just for reference,for the specific investment please take the engineer's scheme as an standard. For the customers,due to the weather,can work for 300 days a year,16 hours each day,two shifts,equipping with 120 single production lines for the HZS120 commodity concrete batching plant.Including a almost 2000 million yuan's investment of equipment,place,raw material,daily costs,workers' wages and so on.the annual output is between 40 and 48 cubic.

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